A note about the end date of Short Season 2020

Posted on 27 September 2020

Although today (Sunday 27 September) is scheduled to be the final day of the MLB regular season – and so also of the fantasy league – it might be extended to Monday. This is because there are two games remaining from the Cardinals-Tigers series that was postponed earlier in the season due to COVID-19. One or both of those games will be played on Monday if it has playoff connotations for the St Louis Cardinals, who still have a chance to reach the postseason. 

Looking at the settings, it looks like the fantasy league’s end date is controlled by Yahoo (I can’t adjust it) and I think it would automatically be extended to finish on the 28th if those make-up games go ahead (which makes sense as they are games that would ordinarily have been played during the regular season and counted towards scoring). As with a few things in the Yahoo settings/communications, it’s not super clear, though.

Here’s the playoff scenario as described on the Major League Baseball website:

A Cardinals loss Sunday and a Giants win means Detroit looms on Monday to make up the one or two games the Cardinals have remaining with the Tigers. With the Cubs clinching the National League Central title Saturday – and home-field advantage in the Wild Card Series – the Cardinals would only go to Detroit to determine a postseason berth. If the playoff field is set and playing the games would only impact seeding, then the makeup games would not be played. In that scenario, the Cardinals’ seeding would be based on winning percentage over their 58-game schedule.

Feedback on the season

As Short Season 2020 comes to a close, if you played, thank you for taking part and I hope you enjoyed it. I know there are quite a few differences in how the game works compared to what we’re used to in the traditional Fantasy Baseball UK game, and I’m keen to hear your feedback on what you thought of using the Yahoo platform. I haven’t been able to get the old website’s forum back up and running yet, so if you have any thoughts just send an email via the Contact Us page on the website.