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Fantasy Baseball UK is designed to be a relatively uncomplicated version of fantasy baseball. Our format is similar to common fantasy football leagues over here in the UK: you have a salary budget within which to create your team of Major League Baseball players and they earn you points based on their offence or pitching performance each day of the MLB season.

Unlike some fantasy baseball games, there is no draft system between managers, so an MLB player can appear on multiple fantasy teams. The game follows the MLB regular season, running from roughly the start of April and concluding by the start of October, when the game winners will be decided.

Three games in one

The Main Game:

Compete against other managers in one of 30 divisions named after Major League Baseball clubs. Which ever division you choose, you will also be competing against all managers in the Main Game. Build and manage your roster of MLB players and amass points based on their stats through the season – but you must stick within the $12m weekly salary cap. Come out on top to be crowned FBUK Champion!

You can also opt to enter one or both of our side games:

The $5m Game:

Pick a team of the best low-cost players to keep your team salary below $5m. How good are you without star names in your team?

The Limited Trade Game:

With no bench in this game, you have no substitutes and just three player trades per month (unlike the main game, which allows unlimited Sunday trades and daily bench swaps). With limited flexibility, your roster decisions are even more important, but it is also great for those fantasy players who don’t want to make constant changes to their line-up.

Free to play

It’s free to register your first team in the Main Game and you can enter a second team for free into one of the side games.

If you want to run further teams, it costs £4.99 per team. Revenue generated from fees goes back into the running of the game.

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Getting set up


You need to register an account on the website before you can start a team. Each user who registers to play is a ‘Team Manager’.If you want to have multiple teams, they can all be run from the same account. If you already registered in a previous season, you can log in with the same details to reactivate your account and get your team ready for the new season.

To register or log in, click on the ‘Login / Register’ link in the ‘Manager Options’ menu.

Validate Your Email Address

Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you an automated email to the address you’ve given us. In the email you’ll find a link which you’ll need to use to validate your email address.

Create your first team

After your email address has been validated, you can create your first (FREE) team.

Team Name

You can choose any name for your team, as long as it has not already been chosen by another team manager. FBUK reserves the right to disallow the use of team names which it believes are likely to cause offence to other team managers. Please keep team names clean, respectable and polite! Click ‘Team Details’ in the ‘Manager Options’ menu to create and update your teams.

Initial Roster

After you’ve named your team, click roster on the top menu bar to select your players.

Extra Team(s)

Create a FREE second team to play in one of our side games. Just go to the Home Page and click on the Second Team FREE! logo.

You can purchase exta teams to play in our main game or either of the side games for £4.99 each. We use PayPal’s secure system for collecting payments by credit or debit card. You can purchase additional teams at any time without re-registering. Just go to the Home Page and click on the Extra Teams logo.

Warning! Any manager found to have used separate accounts to get more than the permissible number of free teams will not be eligible to receive any prizes and may be ejected from the game!

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Game winners and prizes

Overall Champion:

The team manager who has accumulated the highest number of fantasy points in the Main Game at the end of the season.

Side Game Champions:

The team managers who have accumulated the highest number of fantasy points in each of the side games at the end of the season.

Division Winners:

The team managers who have accumulated the highest number of fantasy points in each of the divisions (named after MLB clubs) within the Main Game at the end of the season.

Manager of the Month:

The team manager who accumulates the highest number of fantasy points in each calendar month during the season, between April to September inclusive.

Manager of the Week:

The team manager who accumulates the highest number of fantasy points in each week during the season, meaning from Sunday to the following Saturday inclusive.

Please note: the exact format of the game may vary in a given season so we may not always ‘formally’ recognise some of the categories of winners above, but the definitions are given for clarity and to aid bragging rights between team managers!


In the event that Fantasy Baseball UK is able to offer prizes to certain categories of winners, we’ll let you know about them on the Prizes page. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee prizes every year.

Where we offer prizes, this is usually based on generous sponsorship or donation by a friendly partner organisation. In the rare case that such circumstances change part way through the season, we may need to alter the type or range of prizes offered or, unfortunately, withdraw them completely from the game. We will not be liable to provide any form of compensation for withdrawn prizes.

We also want to make prizes stretch as far as possible – to be able to share the love across the different formats of the game and to have prizes to offer over multiple seasons. As a result, if a manager wins more than one of a particular category in the same season (e.g. wins multiple divisions, multiple Manager of the Month competitions or multiple of the main and side game formats), we may choose to award them one prize in each of the categories they are eligible for (e.g. if they win two divisions they might receive one Division Winner prize) or, in the case of a trophy, to combine their different titles onto one trophy.

Prizes will normally be sent out following the end of the season with a system provided for winners to claim their prizes. Unless we specify at the time a deadline by which prizes must be claimed, we reserve the right to remove the availability of unclaimed prizes at the start of the following season.


In the event of a tie between team managers in any prize category, the winner will be drawn at random by the FBUK admin team and the winner notified via email.

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Your roster


Each team manager has $12 million to spend on player salaries to create their fantasy team roster. The salary of each player is calculated from their stats over the past three seasons and values players according to their performance in fantasy points categories.

As the season progresses, player salaries can alter based on their in-season performance as well, so salaries can go either up or down. Salary revaluations are carried out automatically at 6pm BST each Saturday.

The salary of players already on your roster at the time of the review will be reduced if the player’s value goes down, but will remain unchanged until you trade them if it goes up.

Roster construction

Each team manager is entitled to select a team roster of up to 20 players:

Starting Line-Up
  • 9 starting position players
    • Catcher (C)
    • First baseman (1B)
    • Second baseman (2B)
    • Third baseman (3B)
    • Shortstop (SS)
    • 3 x Outfielder (OF)
    • Designated Hitter (DH) (Utility)
  • 5 starting pitchers
  • 1 relief pitcher
  • 4 bench position players
  • 1 bench relief pitcher

Eligible Positions

All position players may be selected in any of the positions they have occupied in the current season in the game’s master roster, plus the DH (Utility) slot, where anybody apart from pitchers can play. Players listed as DH in the master roster may be selected at 1B, plus of course the DH (Utility) slot. The game’s master roster is automatically updated when players’ positions on their MLB teams change. If player positions are redesignated during the season, their previous position designations remain valid for the rest of the season.

Position players may also play in any ‘easier’ position than their designated positions:

  • 3B can play at 1B
  • 2B can play at 3B or 1B
  • SS can play at 3B, 2B or 1B

Team line-ups

Only players in the starting line-up on game day will score fantasy points for your team. You can move players between your starting line-up and your bench. The positions available to each bench player will be shown in the drop-down box next to their name.

You have until 6pm BST each day to set your starting line-up. You can still make changes after that time, but they won’t be effective until the following day. Changes you’ve made after the 6pm line-up deadline are marked with an asterisk.


You can bring new players into your line-up by trading a player from your roster for the new player from the game’s master roster of available players. You may trade a player for any player eligible to play the same position. You must be able to pay the new player’s salary from within your team budget (the salary of the player you are releasing will be freed up to put towards the new player’s salary, plus you might have spare room in your salary budget).

The deadline for weekly trades is 6pm BST each Sunday. You can set trades up in advance, but they are all executed at the trade deadline in time for Sunday’s round of MLB games. New players will not earn you points until they enter your roster on the Sunday.

As noted above, player salary revaluations take place each Saturday. If you set up a trade prior to the revaluation and the salary of the new player goes down at the revaluation, you will get the player at the new salary. If the salary goes up at the revaluation, you will still get the player at the old, lower salary that was in place when you set up the trade.

There is no limit or restriction on the number of trades you can make during the course of the season.

4-Day Rest Rule

When you replace a starting pitcher, the incoming starter will not score points until four days ‘rest’ have passed since the last start made by the previous pitcher.

Side game variations

$5m Game

Your total salary budget is $5m.

Limited Trade Game

In this game, there is no bench so you have no substitutes and can make just three player trades per month.

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Fantasy Points

You score fantasy points for every player in your starting line-up from 6pm BST on game day. Points are weighted so that each fantasy points category is of roughly equal value.

Note: Pitchers score fantasy points only for pitching stats, not for offence!

Offensive stats

Category Points
Home Run (HR) 5
Hit (H) 1
Extra Base Hit (EB) 1 for a double (2B)
2 for a triple (3B)
(added on to 1pt for the hit)
Runs (R) 2
Run Batted In (RBI) 3
Stolen Base (SB) 4
Walk (BB)
(excluding Hit By Pitch, etc)

Pitching Stats

Category Points
Win (W) 20*
Strike Out (SO) 2
Save (S) 10
Inning Pitched (IP) 1 for every three outs

*Closers/relief pitchers can only score fantasy points for a win if they do not start the game, and will score only 10 points for a win instead of 20.

Player statistics

Fantasy Baseball UK uses CBS Sports as its MLB statistics source. Fantasy points are awarded on the basis of the stats published for each player by the stats source when the standings update is run, at or after 12 noon BST. If an error in the stats published by the stats source results in the incorrect allocation of points, any adjustments to player points and standings are made entirely at the discretion of Fantasy Baseball UK.

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Other rules and conditions

Website access and maintenance

We try to ensure that the Fantasy Baseball UK website is available for trades and roster line-up changes as planned. In the event that the service is unavailable at any time, we regret that we are unable to make changes to team rosters retrospectively or award ‘missed’ fantasy points caused by the unavailability.

If an error in the player statistics published by the MLB stats source results in the incorrect allocation of points, any adjustments to player points and standings are made entirely at the discretion of Fantasy Baseball UK.

Changes to the game format

We may change the exact format of the game from season to season, with the aim of bringing you the best version of the game we are able to provide at the time. Normally, we’ll try to consult with team managers during the offseason to give them a chance of input.

Declared Interest

People employed by an official sponsor or advertising partner of the game, or in any way connected with the running of the Fantasy Baseball UK website, are allowed to participate fully in the game, but must declare their interest to the game organisers.

Participants with a declared interest must decline any prizes for which they become eligible. In the event that prizes are declined on that basis, we may choose to award the prize to the next highest scoring player without a declared interest, in the competition category that the prize related to.

These declared interest rules do not apply to forum moderators who have no other role in the running of the game.

Reiteration of key rules

As stated earlier on this page:

  • We reserve the right to disallow the use of team names which we believe are likely to cause offence to other users of the website.
  • Any manager found to have used separate accounts to get more than the permissible number of free teams will not be eligible to receive any prizes and may be ejected from the game!

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The full content on this page forms the Rules of the Game, in addition to the general Terms of Use of the website. By using this website and choosing to participate in the game, you consent to accept and abide by the Rules and Terms of Use. In the event that a team manager does not abide by the Rules or comply with the Terms of Use, Fantasy Baseball UK reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude that individual from the game or restrict their access to elements of the game (including prize eligibility) and their website account.

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If you need help playing the game, encounter a problem or have a question that we haven’t answered above, there are various things you can do:

  • We may have provided answers to common questions in the Help section
  • A fellow team manager might be able to help with your question – you can chat with other managers in the Forum, which you can access from the Manager Options menu when logged in
  • Send us an email through the Contact Us page

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