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Below are the standings for the salary cap leagues with a roster budget to spend on player salaries.

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FBUK Classic (Combined)

Date updated: 23 April 2024

    Team (Conference)Total
  1. tiggerrrrr (Mou)1686440180
  2. Secret Agents (Cha)158088106201
  3. Moments on the Diamond (Cha)156495122197
  4. Acuna Matata (Cha)156481122204
  5. Boys of summer (Mou)155039136185
  6. Secret Agents Too (Mou)153158155189
  7. Disposable Heroes (Mou)153119155188
  8. Tacoma Rainfrogs (Cha)152256164180
  9. BILKO (Mou)151425172162
  10. Bleacher Creatures (Mou)145141235193
  11. Dunedin Dingers (Cha)142688260193
  12. RBI or Rump? (Cha)139480292159
  13. Year of the Cub (Cha)139394293156
  14. Highway 191 (Mou)139027296158
  15. Ready Eddie Go (Mou)137658310183
  16. Westleigh Wombats (Mou)137239314125
  17. Nuttall’s Nukers (Cha)136621320149
  18. Teewees Braves (Mou)136416322170
  19. Dorset Bombers (Cha)13036383159
  20. Moonshot Cardinals (Cha)123732449131
  21. montybum (Mou)107720609104

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