Standings - FBUK Classic

Below are the standings for the salary cap league.

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FBUK Classic (Combined)

Date updated: 17 Aug 2022

    Team (Conference)Total
  1. Secret Agents (Met)87784001070
  2. schmuccos (Cha)87701981266
  3. Beat gould and lengl (Met)861657162988
  4. RBI or Rump? (Met)8515492631161
  5. Bleacher Creatures (Met)8461363171010
  6. MK Bombs (Cha)833145447955
  7. Year of the Cub (Met)8301774771037
  8. Dunedin Dingers (Cha)8274635041049
  9. Highway 191 (Mou)8143536351026
  10. Boys of summer (Met)7959848191031
  11. Tacoma Rainfrogs (Mou)7890728881030
  12. Hold Me Close Ohtani Dancer (Met)7863679151027
  13. Disposable Heroes (Mou)7788959901084
  14. Ready Eddie Go (Met)77247610541049
  15. Ted&Yaz&Manny&Me (Cha)7505551273913
  16. BILKO (Mou)74757613031003
  17. Dorset Bombers (Cha)7400371378981
  18. Moonshot Cardinals (Met)7366301412911
  19. Lancashire Redbirds (Mou)7002591776877
  20. NoItchyRow (Cha)6903701875843
  21. Pluko63 (Met)6694352084786
  22. foxychops1975 (Cha)6533932245730
  23. Octopus Mets (Cha)6166472612826
  24. Hefty Honkballers (Mou)5947502831702
  25. Teewees Braves (Mou)5883412895794
  26. Uplands Yankees (Mou)5857232921764
  27. BayJays (Mou)5577193201657
  28. Charlton Athletics (Met)556513213539
  29. Wiltshire Warriors (Cha)5229613549561
  30. The Baseball Furies (Mou)5141523637653
  31. Sussex Sharks (Cha)464354135457

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