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Below are the standings for the salary cap leagues with a roster budget to spend on player salaries.

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FBUK Classic (Combined)

Date updated: 9 June 2023

    Team (Conference)Total
  1. Ready Eddie Go (Met)4901390526
  2. Secret Agents Too (Mou)48673234581
  3. tiggerrrrr (Met)48322269567
  4. Secret Agents (Met)48163885607
  5. Bleacher Creatures (Met)48081993546
  6. BILKO (Mou)48035798556
  7. Disposable Heroes (Mou)461525286642
  8. Highway 191 (Mou)461148290566
  9. RBI or Rump? (Met)455322348558
  10. Moments on the Diamond (Cha)452931372587
  11. Tacoma Rainfrogs (Cha)445761444552
  12. Dunedin Dingers (Cha)445766444508
  13. Dorset Bombers (Cha)427442627575
  14. Moonshot Cardinals (Met)425442647482
  15. Boys of summer (Met)421979682513
  16. schmuccos (Cha)412553776495
  17. Teewees Braves (Mou)395056951441
  18. Relayer (Mou)390946992474
  19. foxychops1975 (Cha)3892461009452
  20. Burakami (Cha)3721561180334
  21. WeOnlyWonFiveOne (Mou)3688771213404
  22. whiteshola (Mou)3682211219417
  23. Morgan1878 (Mou)3644361257400
  24. GordonMarkdeepak (Met)3601921300321
  25. Pitch, Please! (Cha)3464561437358
  26. AndyCollins (Met)3218331683440
  27. desg1 (Cha)3187411714406
  28. Harbro Dodgers (Met)2599462302259
  29. Globalscoring (Mou)214402757186

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