Standings - FBUK Classic

Below are the standings for the salary cap league.

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FBUK Classic (Combined)

Date updated: 5 Oct 2022

    Team (Conference)Total
  1. Secret Agents (Met)11916201434
  2. Bleacher Creatures (Met)11862109541418
  3. Dunedin Dingers (Cha)11730521861421
  4. Beat gould and lengl (Met)1169732191404
  5. MK Bombs (Cha)11593383231393
  6. Highway 191 (Mou)1157013461427
  7. Year of the Cub (Met)11490164261401
  8. RBI or Rump? (Met)11221416951420
  9. Boys of summer (Met)11219126971405
  10. Ted&Yaz&Manny&Me (Cha)11035268811385
  11. Tacoma Rainfrogs (Mou)11006949101389
  12. Ready Eddie Go (Met)10990119261409
  13. schmuccos (Cha)109164910001402
  14. BILKO (Mou)108751510411403
  15. Moonshot Cardinals (Met)107914111251390
  16. Disposable Heroes (Mou)107261511901425
  17. Hold Me Close Ohtani Dancer (Met)106242512921340
  18. Dorset Bombers (Cha)10168917481377
  19. Lancashire Redbirds (Mou)97486821681156
  20. NoItchyRow (Cha)97405921761128
  21. Pluko63 (Met)93694525471085
  22. foxychops1975 (Cha)89192929971010
  23. Octopus Mets (Cha)86383232781117
  24. Teewees Braves (Mou)82996036171123
  25. Hefty Honkballers (Mou)82603636561017
  26. BayJays (Mou)7886384030888
  27. Charlton Athletics (Met)7264484652709
  28. Uplands Yankees (Mou)7172254744957
  29. The Baseball Furies (Mou)698454932846
  30. Wiltshire Warriors (Cha)6883255033706
  31. Sussex Sharks (Cha)624595671596

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