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Below are the standings for the salary cap leagues with a roster budget to spend on player salaries.

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FBUK Classic (Combined)

Date updated: 22 September 2023

    Team (Conference)Total
  1. tiggerrrrr (Met)128565301322
  2. Secret Agents Too (Mou)12698761581351
  3. Ready Eddie Go (Met)12509693471329
  4. Secret Agents (Met)12486653701360
  5. RBI or Rump? (Met)12251666051377
  6. Highway 191 (Mou)12122347341335
  7. Dunedin Dingers (Cha)12103567531342
  8. Bleacher Creatures (Met)12046328101329
  9. BILKO (Mou)11944529121316
  10. Disposable Heroes (Mou)118142210421405
  11. schmuccos (Cha)116864611701369
  12. Tacoma Rainfrogs (Cha)113953514611325
  13. Moments on the Diamond (Cha)113422415141340
  14. Boys of summer (Met)112308716261329
  15. Moonshot Cardinals (Met)1088310119731281
  16. Dorset Bombers (Cha)104381524181400
  17. Teewees Braves (Mou)99515129051081
  18. desg1 (Cha)93626234941107
  19. Relayer (Mou)92837735731040
  20. foxychops1975 (Cha)8961938951034
  21. AndyCollins (Met)85169243401067
  22. Morgan1878 (Mou)838314473911
  23. whiteshola (Mou)8285104571875
  24. Burakami (Cha)8202214654686
  25. WeOnlyWonFiveOne (Mou)8003674853861
  26. GordonMarkdeepak (Met)8000624856723
  27. Pitch, Please! (Cha)724455612721
  28. Harbro Dodgers (Met)5730447126445
  29. Globalscoring (Mou)2144010712186

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