Standings - FBUK LTD

Below are the standings for the limited trade game, a draft league with a limited number of trades and transactions.

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Fantasy Baseball UK Standings (Combined)

Date updated: 17 Jun 2024

    Team (Division)Total
  1. Hits and Giggles (S)46911040523
  2. Jevinder's Giants 1 (C)46513140427
  3. Atlantic crossing (N)46148377574
  4. Masters of Merriment (N)4538107153471
  5. team moran (N)449347198429
  6. YabbaDabBaddoo (S)448918202533
  7. Ich liebe helene fischer (C)448744204470
  8. The Batting Bats (N)447042221519
  9. Worse than the '62 Mets (C)446467227517
  10. Bazza's Bareheads (S)445963232549
  11. Mookie the cat (S)443338258516
  12. Kentucky Chickens (N)4431100260497
  13. CF G-Men (C)440171290543
  14. Karl's First-Class Team (N)434456347458
  15. When Pumpsie Swings (S)433872353527
  16. Octopus Mets Ltd (S)4314115377440
  17. Candles bat breakers (S)430728384473
  18. Gallo's Humour (C)42898402494
  19. Science Maniacs UK Ltd (S)426493427473
  20. Coldfield Cardinals (C)4253118438438
  21. BILKO 18 (N)425249439576
  22. Tube Monkey 2 (S)424953442499
  23. Budget Blue Sox (C)423956452486
  24. No Trade Clause (C)422171470486
  25. The Sofa Boys (S)4098112593457
  26. NoCanDo (N)407549616418
  27. Monty Boomers (N)403628655531
  28. Steve's Phantom Astros (C)400470687421
  29. Henry's Bears (N)400443687422
  30. Welly BJ’s (S)396127730436
  31. Clash City Serpientes (N)3951113740439
  32. Jose Abreu's Bombers (S)392677765413
  33. 2 Limited (S)381067881436
  34. A-Frican Elephant (C)379979892434
  35. Yankee Rhinos (N)3774102917499
  36. Metzd It (C)373978952355
  37. safe at home 2024 (C)3367241324449
  38. LTD-3POO (C)320465910
  39. LT-D2 (N)320465910
  40. Limited Ability (S)320465910