Standings - FBUK LTD

Below are the standings for the limited trade game.

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Fantasy Baseball UK Standings (Combined)

Date updated: 5 Oct 2022

    Team (Division)Total
  1. YabbaDabBaddoo (S)96912001
  2. Candles bat breakers (S)9588461030
  3. No Trade Clause (N)9483622087
  4. Jose Abreu's Bombers (S)9230214617
  5. Gallo's Humour (S)9160195311
  6. 2 Limited (S)91511085407
  7. Welly BJ’s (S)9103395882
  8. Atlantic crossing (N)9091396001
  9. Masters of Merriment (N)9070376212
  10. john's jokers (N)9012196792
  11. Hits and Giggles (S)8951367400
  12. A Frican Elephant (N)8808558830
  13. Budget Blue Sox (N)86506010410
  14. Yankee Rhinos (N)83722413192
  15. Flying Fish (N)82531614382
  16. Halifax Blu Sox (N)82351514563
  17. Bazza's Bareheads (S)81824615090
  18. Henry's Bears (N)81732515180
  19. Coldfield Cardinals (N)80754316165
  20. Bud 'n' Burger (N)79731517180
  21. When Pumpsie Swings (S)78902518011
  22. Octopus Mets Ltd (S)77761719151
  23. The Sofa Boys (S)7775819162
  24. Science Maniacs UK Ltd (S)76993119920
  25. Michael's Expert Team (S)76371820540
  26. Cheadle Smelly Sox (N)74596322320
  27. Ray’s Razorback (N)68762228152
  28. safe at home ltd (S)68401428510
  29. 2 Birds on a Bat (S)65081131830
  30. Limited Ability (S)44096470
  31. Got Cano Chance (N)44096470