Standings - Limited Trade Game

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Fantasy Baseball UK Standings (Combined)

Date updated: 2022-05-20

    Team (Division)Total PointsDaily Change
  1. Atlantic crossing (N)221437
  2. Candles bat breakers (S)220645
  3. Hits and Giggles (S)219648
  4. YabbaDabBaddoo (S)215834
  5. A Frican Elephant (N)212243
  6. No Trade Clause (N)206724
  7. Henry's Bears (N)203653
  8. Cheadle Smelly Sox (N)199841
  9. Yankee Rhinos (N)199624
  10. john's jokers (N)197236
  11. 2 Limited (S)1967106
  12. Michael's Expert Team (S)19530
  13. Halifax Blu Sox (N)195017
  14. Masters of Merriment (N)19479
  15. Bud 'n' Burger (N)192611
  16. Budget Blue Sox (N)192175
  17. Welly BJ’s (S)187516
  18. Gallo's Humour (S)186265
  19. The Sofa Boys (S)185843
  20. Jose Abreu's Bombers (S)18382
  21. safe at home ltd (S)177434
  22. Coldfield Cardinals (N)176636
  23. Science Maniacs UK Ltd (S)176333
  24. Bazza's Bareheads (S)176229
  25. Flying Fish (N)175743
  26. When Pumpsie Swings (S)175246
  27. 2 Birds on a Bat (S)173812
  28. Octopus Mets Ltd (S)172536
  29. Ray’s Razorback (N)166263
  30. Limited Ability (S)00
  31. Got Cano Chance (N)00