About us

Welcome to the largest, longest-running open UK fantasy baseball league!

FBUK logo of word mark and ball on home plateFantasy Baseball UK (FBUK) was originally launched in 2004 in association with BaseballSoftballUK (the national development agency for baseball and softball) and MLB on Five (Channel Five’s televised baseball coverage). With hundreds of participants, the fantasy league was an oft-discussed feature in between innings during MLB on Five broadcasts, right up until the show stopped airing in 2008. Since then, FBUK has continued as an independently run online league, organised by volunteers.

Although the game’s format has occasionally changed over that time, we are proud that FBUK has now been running over three different decades with a mixture of returning and new fantasy team managers each season.

Features of the game

  • An independent, online fantasy league originally devised for UK MLB fans – but open to all!
  • Build and manage your roster of Major League Baseball players and amass points based on their stats through the season
  • Compete against other managers in one of several divisions. Come out on top of all managers to be crowned FBUK Champion!
  • Join the FBUK Forums to chat fantasy baseball and MLB in general
  • Choice of formats. Although the range may vary from season to season, FBUK currently offers its widest range of formats to date, including standard draft leagues, salary cap leagues (manage a roster within a salary budget) and head-to-head leagues (weekly matchups between fantasy teams). Check out the Rules and Info page for the current formats on offer.
  • Prizes. (sometimes!) Check out the Prizes page to see what’s on offer this season.

So step up to the plate and play the largest and longest-running fantasy baseball game this side of the Atlantic!

Josh Chetwynd and Jonny Gould in MLB on Five studio

Jonny Gould (left) and Josh Chetwynd in the MLB on Five studio back in the day