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April fantasy baseball round-up plus big announcement about MLB in the UK

11 May 2022

Here is the first in-season update of 2022. Click through for a round-up of the first month of fantasy baseball as well as an update about Major League Baseball’s plans in the UK.


FBUK League

  1. hedley verityesque3024
  2. Pain in Yoenis2907
  3. Wake Field Padres2783
  4. Hakuna Moncada2754
  5. Essex Giants2745
  6. It’s Shohei time2679
  7. All Betts are off2674
  8. Disposable Heroes2661
  9. Clash City Royals2661
  10. Safe at Home 20222649
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  1. Atlantic crossing2214
  2. Candles bat breakers2206
  3. Hits and Giggles2196
  4. YabbaDabBaddoo2158
  5. A Frican Elephant2122
  6. No Trade Clause2067
  7. Henry's Bears2036
  8. Cheadle Smelly Sox1998
  9. Yankee Rhinos1996
  10. john's jokers1972
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