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Sofa so good as BILKO commands attention – end-of-season round-up

9 October 2021

The 2021 Fantasy Baseball UK game reached its conclusion on the night of 3 October and after the welcome return of a full six-month season of baseball, both the main and Limited Trade Game championship races went down to the final round of MLB games on Sunday, as did several of the divisional competitions.

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Main Game

  1. BILKO12016
  2. Flux Capacitors11959
  3. HAFC - FTW11702
  4. Cobra K11697
  5. Glasgow Kiss11640
  6. Torquay Mariners11565
  7. Suited Aces11513
  8. Secret Agents11486
  9. Tube Monkey11407
  10. wherehaveYugone11402
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Limited Trade Game

  1. The Sofa Boys9745
  2. Masters of Merriment9645
  3. Coldfield Cardinals9407
  4. Flying Fish9235
  5. No Trade Clause9079
  6. Jose Abreu's Bombers8773
  7. Welly BJ’s8692
  8. Seal Giants8527
  9. Bazza's Bareheads8486
  10. Bauer Rangers8452
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