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I spy… a change at the top

6 September 2021

As we head into the final month of the 2021 fantasy baseball season, we have been monitoring some changes at the top end of the FBUK standings, with Secret Agents and The Sofa Boys taking over first place in the main and Limited Trade games respectively. With the end of the season in sight – on 3 October – there are likely to be more twists and turns before the game is up!

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Main Game

  1. Flux Capacitors11650
  2. BILKO11615
  3. Glasgow Kiss11387
  4. HAFC - FTW11386
  5. Cobra K11384
  6. Secret Agents11338
  7. Suited Aces11288
  8. Torquay Mariners11163
  10. Pumpsie Green11127
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Limited Trade Game

  1. The Sofa Boys9383
  2. Masters of Merriment9306
  3. Coldfield Cardinals9077
  4. Flying Fish8914
  5. No Trade Clause8772
  6. Welly BJ’s8438
  7. Jose Abreu's Bombers8426
  8. Bazza's Bareheads8294
  9. Seal Giants8177
  10. Atlantic crossing8172
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