USER NOTICE: Problem with player valuations

Posted on 1 September 2019
Last updated on 17 March 2020

We’re aware that there is an issue with the player salary valuations in the fantasy league following Saturday evening’s weekly revaluation (31 August). It looks like they have returned to the opening salary valuations at the start of the season. While we work on fixing this error, here’s our advice on the situation.

Obviously this has connotations for your roster and the weekly trade deadline at 6pm on Sunday 1 September. For now, the suggestion is not to set up further trades on Sunday or, if you had planned to make trades beforehand and still want to, base it on the value of your rostered player before the error occurred and – for the player you want to bring in – on last week’s value pre-error. You can work this out via the Stats page, which shows the change in salary since Saturday’s revaluation. Trades that were set up prior to 6pm Saturday should be fine because managers would have arranged them based on the correct valuations pre-error.

If you adjust your roster based on the current inaccurate valuations there is a good chance this will cause problems for you if the valuations are corrected and your roster goes above the maximum total salary allowance. Plus, we ask that managers not try to take unfair advantage of the technical error.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and are working on sorting it!

The FBUK team

Update 1/9/19, 17:50: The player valuations on the Stats page have been returned to what they were prior to Saturday’s revaluation but your roster is probably still showing the inaccurate salaries for your current players. We’re still working on the complete fix. Please check the Forum for further updates (accessible via the Manager Options menu when logged in).