USER NOTICE: Fantasy league season to end early

Posted on 2 September 2019
Last updated on 17 March 2020

Dear fantasy league managers,

Many of you will be aware of the “mega-glitch” (apologies for the use of technical language) that occurred on the Fantasy Baseball UK website over this past weekend (31 Aug – 1 Sep) whereby player salary valuations inexplicably returned to their opening valuations at the start of the season when Saturday evening’s usual revaluation was run. This had obvious connotations for fantasy rosters and the weekly trade deadline at 6pm on Sunday. Although we were able to correct the valuations on the Stats page, the reversal was not carried over completely to individual fantasy teams’ rosters, leaving many with incorrect player salaries compared to what they were prior to the glitch, which in turn affects the team’s overall salary budget. In some cases, team rosters are now showing as over budget when they probably shouldn’t be.

As we all know, a specific player’s salary on a particular fantasy roster will vary depending on the valuation at the date the player was added onto the roster. It’s apparent that attempting to fix this will be a very complex and time-consuming job for the FBUK admins and there would still be a chance we don’t get it fully right. Additionally, this has been a particularly challenging year with numerous other technical problems to deal with, including the player stats updates provided by the CBS feed, as those of you who use the website forum will know!

As a result, the FBUK team have taken the decision to end the 2019 game early, with the standings up to and including Saturday 31 August (pre-glitch) representing the final standings for the season.

This was not an easy or happy decision to make but the team all agree it makes the most sense and is probably the fairest option given the glitch’s effect on managers’ rosters going forward and the uncertainty over whether we could fully fix it for everyone. A consolation is that at least the end of August represents a tidy point to curtail the season. We will publish the usual full round-up of the season shortly.

Over the off-season the team will be reviewing where the fantasy league goes from here as it’s clear that if it continues it needs technical improvements ‘under the hood’ and as much as we love the game, we have to weigh this up with the cost and amount of volunteer time required to deal with the issues. For now, we’ll just say thank you for playing Fantasy Baseball UK this year!

The FBUK team