Angels’ double delight / Clause for celebration: 2017 winners round-up

Posted on 29 October 2017
Last updated on 11 July 2021

It was double glory for fantasy baseball manager Brian Matthews, whose teams the Adenhart Angels and the La-La Angels won the Main Game and $5m Game respectively as the 2017 Fantasy Baseball UK game concluded on 1 October. Meanwhile, John Borthwick celebrated a double of his own in the Limited Trade Game by winning the competition for the second consecutive year with his team No Trade Clause. Congratulations to both managers, whose teams led their respective competitions for much of the second half of the season.

Honourable mentions go to: Stuart Burnett who finished second in the $5m Game with The 5 Million Dollar Men and third fifth in the Main Game with Flux Capacitors; Rene Becker who took second place in the Main Game with Secret Agents; Gareth Jones, runner-up in the Limited Trade Game with Brian and the McCannics.

Last year’s double champion in the Main and $5m Games, Ludo Basse, finished 11th (Stantonia) and 3rd (Ozunia) in those games respectively, but won’t go away completely empty-handed as he did win his division.

This year’s champions in the three game formats will be awarded a special prize, kindly provided by BaseballSoftballUK.

Division winners

Here are the winners of each of the divisions in the Main Game, named after the 30 MLB clubs. The list includes the total points scored by the team, and in parentheses the points gap they had over the second-placed team in their division.

Angels: Adenhart Angels (Brian Matthews) – 16090 (+1625)
Astros: Moonshot Astros (Mark Lovell) – 14252 (+905)
Athletics: Gurdit Guraya (Yuvraj Guraya) – 14713 (+243)
Blue Jays: Garibaldi Gap Hitters (Matthew Sutton) – 15129 (+243)
Braves: Jason And The Vargas Noughts (Jeff Ancia) – 15061 (+788)
Brewers: Stealing It All (Michael Hatch) – 14745 (+78)
Cardinals: Flux Capacitors (Stuart Burnett) – 15592 (+125)
Cubs: Bubblegum Cubs (Mark Taylor) – 14086 (+44)
Diamondbacks: AZ Doublebacks (Wayne Mason) – 14139 (+22)
Dodgers: Salad Dodgers (Andrew Baylies) – 14347 (+326)
Giants: Borussia Teeth (Daniel Perrin) – 15329 (+64)
Indians: Cleveland Chavaliers (George Anderson) – 14408 (+1525)
Mariners: There’s No Plate Like Home (Donnie Annan) -14926 (+1235)
Marlins: Stantonia (Ludo Basse) – 15221 (+1034)
Mets: Cuban Trogon (Liuba Barrueta Rodriguez) – 14645 (+197)
Nationals: The National Wash (Donald Wallace) – 13845 (+33)
Orioles: Torquay Os (James Baillie) – 14189 (+138)
Padres: Fyggyn’s Failures (Stuart Burnett Chris Stobart) – 15924 (+1235)
Phillies: The Rescue Party (Gareth Jones) – 15356 (+565)
Pirates: Guys Gorillas (Guy Greenwood) – 14201 (+36)
Rangers: Netkandi Dodgers (Chris Minn) -13767 (+1235)
Rays: Whowhatwhere (Kev Mesher) – 15605 (+1203)
Red Sox: Ted & Yaz & Manny & Me (Derek Cole) – 14651 (+152)
Reds: Redlegs (David Butcher) – 14601 (+968)
Rockies: Sonoran Desert Experience (Keith Jefferey) – 13802 (+1754)
Royals: Ready Eddie Go (John Borthwick) – 15409 (+1602)
Tigers: Detroit Technos (David Crabtree) – 14649 (+319)
Twins: Fantasy Squirrels (Anthony Chalkley) – 14433 (+191)
White Sox: Secret Agents (Rene Becker) – 15960 (+2874)
Yankees: Trance Sanctuary (Marcus Thornhill) – 14681 (+57)

Final standings 2017 (Top 10)

Main Game Top 10 2017

$5m Game Top 10 2017

FBUK All-Star Team of the Season

Based on fantasy points accumulated, here’s the season’s top performers at each position:

FBUK All-Star Team of the Season 2017
Thank you to BaseballSoftballUK for providing the prizes again this year, and to those who volunteer their time to run the game. Finally, thanks to everyone who played, and see you next season!

The FBUK team