2016 winners round-up

Posted on 7 October 2016
Last updated on 5 April 2018

Another fantasy baseball season is over so while certain MLB clubs gear up for the post-season, fantasy league managers can take a breather as we round up the various winners of the 2016 Fantasy Baseball UK game.

Congratulations to Ludo Basse who did the double to win both the Main Game and the $5m Game! His team Stantonia led the Main Game from about June and gradually opened up a commanding lead that the chasing pack couldn’t break down, securing him back-to-back championships as he won last year’s game as well. In the $5m Game, his team Ozunia eventually built up a similarly strong lead through July and early August, and maintained it until the end. During the season, Ludo also won two Manager of the Month titles in June and August.

Well done to Stuart Burnett who finished second in his rookie season and won the May Manager of the Month, with his team Flux Capacitors. He was closely followed by Chris Stobart in third place with Fyggyn’s Failures.

Congratulations are also due to John Borthwick who won the inaugural Limited Trade Game with his aptly-named team No Trade Clause. John exhibited a strong September during which he erased a 200-point deficit to rise from third to first, overtaking Chris Stobart’s Hamstrung Heroes to take the title. John also finished second in the $5m Game with his team Cheap and Cheerful.

Ludo and John will receive FBUK Champions trophies in the form of engraved baseball bats, courtesy of BaseballSoftballUK.

Division winners

There were some close finishes and changes of leader in a few of the divisions over the final month of the season:

  • In the Athletics division Hampshire Hogs overcame a 450-point deficit to overtake India UK United during September and win the division title by a narrow six points
  • In the Nationals division, Wandles Wizards overtook Detroit Spinners to win by nine points
  • Torquay O’s overtook Opps I Did It Again to win the Orioles division by 106 points
  • The Rescue Party overtook Schmidt Happens to secure the Phillies division
  • In the Red Sox category, Ted & Yaz & Manny & Me rose to force Dave Roberts Steals Second into second place
  • In a very close Yankees division, The Rockies Horror Pitcher Show eventually finished in first place by 13 points over A State of Trance

Below is a list of the fantasy teams that won each division (named after one of the 30 MLB clubs), including their points total and, in parentheses, the points gap they held over the second place team in the division:

Angels: Default Team – 14,717 (+954)
Astros: Moonshot Astros – 13,982 (+746)
Athletics: Hampshire Hogs – 13,897 (+6)
Blue Jays: Slump Busters – 14,059 (+93)
Braves: Beat Gould&Lengl – 13,791 (+123)
Brewers: Smallville Supermen – 13,052 (+627)
Cardinals: Flux Capacitors – 15,243 (+404)
Cubs: Sammy Sosa Ate My Samosa – 13,927 (+162)
Diamondbacks: Highway 191 – 13,875 (+78)
Dodgers: Davy Dodgers – 13,621 (+45)
Giants: Borussia Teeth – 14,589 (+816)
Indians: Average Joes – 13,359 (+182)
Mariners: Designated For Assignment – 14,243 (+349)
Marlins: Stantonia – 15,642 (+1,897)
Mets: Tube Monkey – 14,494 (+57)
Nationals: Wandles Wizards– 13,236 (+9)
Orioles: Torquay O’s – 13,948 (+106)
Padres: Fyggyn’s Failures – 15,128 (+1,509)
Phillies: The Rescue Party – 13,819 (+42)
Pirates: Schmuccos – 13,952 (+314)
Rangers: Schrodinger’s Cats – 13,725 (+307)
Rays: Whowhatwhere – 14,945 (+834)
Red Sox: Ted & Yaz & Manny & Me – 14,336 (+36)
Reds: Redlegs – 14,161 (+668)
Rockies: Crewmarninies – 14,096 (+1,296)
Royals: Ready Eddie Go – 14,504 (+1,394)
Tigers: Glasgow Tigers – 13,921 (+238)
Twins: Fantasy Squirrels – 13,331 (+851)
White Sox: Secret Agents – 14,572 (+968)
Yankees: The Rockies Horror Pitcher Show – 13,542 (+13)

Final standings 2016 (Top 10)

Main Game Top 10 Final 2016

$5m Game Top 10 Final 2016

Limited Trade Game Final Standings 2016

FBUK All-Star Team of the Season

Based on fantasy points accumulated, here’s the 2016 season’s top performers at each position:

FBUK All-Star Team of the Season 2016
Thank you to everyone who took part in the fantasy league this year; there were close to 600 individual managers registered and around 900 fantasy teams in total. The game expanded with the addition of the $5m and Limited Trade Games plus the Manager of the Month competition and we hope you enjoyed the new features.

Thank you to the volunteers involved in the running of the game each year, and thank you to BaseballSoftballUK for providing this year’s prizes across the competitions.

Don’t forget, the website forum will stay open all off-season to discuss possible changes to the game for next season as well as chatting baseball in general, and you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.