Sources say Fantasy Baseball UK is “in the best shape of its life” for 2018

Posted on 21 March 2018
Last updated on 12 August 2018

FBUK 15th season logoFantasy Baseball UK, the free-to-play online fantasy baseball game, is back for 2018! Heading into its 15th season, the game could be considered something of a veteran player on the scene but is enjoying a new lease of life. For the past two seasons, the game expanded with two new competitions alongside the main game and FBUK was able to offer a range of prizes thanks to the support of BaseballSoftballUK. Not only will these features return in 2018, but the team have been working hard on a refresh of the website in time for Opening Day.

Originally launched in 2004 in association with BaseballSoftballUK and MLB on Five (Channel Five’s televised baseball coverage), Fantasy Baseball UK (FBUK) continues as an independently run online league with a passionate core fan base. The fantasy league was an oft-discussed feature in between innings during MLB on Five game broadcasts, right up until the show stopped airing in 2008.

The game will start on Major League Baseball’s Opening Day on 29 March and rosters will open ahead of that for managers to start building their team. In the meantime, register or log in to your account to create your team name(s) and choose the games you want to enter. Managers can still join after Opening Day as well.

At the end of this season, the winners of each of the three fantasy league games will be awarded a special ‘FBUK Champion’ trophy. There will also be small prizes for divisional winners and for the best monthly fantasy performance during the season.

Features of the game

2017 Fantasy Baseball UK prizes

  • An independent, online fantasy league originally devised for UK MLB fans – but open to all!
  • Free to play
  • Build and manage your roster of Major League Baseball players and amass points based on their stats through the season – but you must stick within the weekly salary cap!
  • Compete against other managers in one of 30 divisions named after MLB franchises. Come out on top of all managers to be crowned FBUK Champion!
  • Join the FBUK Forums to chat fantasy baseball and MLB in general
  • Side game! The $5m Game – Pick a team of the best low-cost players to keep your team salary below $5m. How good are you without star names in your team?
  • Another side game! The Limited Trade Game has no bench and permits just three trades per month (unlike the main game, which allows unlimited Sunday trades and daily bench swaps). With limited flexibility, your roster decisions are even more important, but it is also great for those fantasy players who don’t want to make constant changes to their line-up.
  • Prizes! The overall champions of the main game, $5m Game and Limited Trade Game will receive a special ‘FBUK Champion’ engraved baseball bat. The winners of each division in the main game will receive a specially-branded baseball – either representing the MLB club that their division is named after or with the FBUK logo on. There will also be a small prize for the best monthly fantasy performance in the form of an Oyo MLB minifigure.

So step up to the plate and play the best fantasy baseball game this side of the Atlantic!