Short Season 2020 starts 23 July!

Posted on 21 July 2020
Last updated on 23 July 2020

For those fantasy managers taking part in the FBUK Short Season 2020 game, which will be run through Yahoo Sports, Opening Day is almost upon you!

The divisions have been set (there’s links to all of them on the Standings page) and the draft took place this past Saturday, 18 July. Every fantasy team now has a roster of MLB players and moves to add or drop players from your roster in time for the start of the season can be made up until MLB Opening Day on Thursday 23 July.

The How to Play and Help pages have been updated with information and FAQ about the Yahoo game will work including how lineup changes and roster transactions are meant to be working this season. I’ve also been trying to post the same updates to each division’s message board in the Yahoo manager dashboard but frankly struggling to get the messages to actually post successfully.

A manager pointed out correctly that lineup changes (moving players between your bench and active positions) is showing as ‘weekly’ in your rosters instead of ‘daily’ as described in the rules and FAQ. About five minutes after the league drafts had completed on Saturday, I realised the setting was wrong but the Yahoo documentation seems to say that once the drafts are completed it cannot be changed in the league admin settings.

The same thing has happened in all of the divisions. I checked settings carefully when creating the leagues but got misled by lineup changes being called ‘roster moves’ and having a ‘help’ button next to it that popped up with a description of roster transactions (trades, etc) so I thought that was the setting for weekly trade deadlines.

Having spoken to Yahoo support, their suggestion was that the settings for the deadlines for internal lineup changes and for trades, etc, are actually one and the same. So I’ve changed what I can to ‘daily’ but apparently it won’t be reflected until Opening Day on 23rd, so we’ll have to see what happens on Thursday.

I’d suggest preparing as if you will only be able to set your active lineup for the whole week beginning Thursday (not daily).

That aside, I hope you have fun in this different take on FBUK, enjoy the long-awaited return of baseball, and good luck!


23 July – Update! It seems the deadline setting change worked so both transactions and lineup changes can be made daily.