2018 winners round-up, September Manager of the Month, and a possible change for next season

Posted on 9 October 2018
Last updated on 12 October 2018

With Fantasy Baseball UK’s 15th season in the books, it’s time to wrap up all the game’s winners, plus scroll down for the final standings, September Manager of the Month, All-Star Team of the Season and your chance to vote on a possible change for next season.

Well done to Brian Hastie, Stuart Burnett and Keith Jeffery, 2018 Champions of the Main Game, $5m Game and Limited Trade Game respectively. Three successive placings among the top five managers of the month from May to July saw Brian rise to the top of the Main Game standings with his team Boab’s Braves. With two weeks to go, he had a lead of close to 200 points over second placed Ludo Basse (Stantonomore), a back-to-back champion in 2015-16. Although the gap closed to 70 points in the final fortnight, the Braves hung on to clinch the title.

In the $5m Game, Stuart went one better than his runner-up spot last year by becoming champion with The 5 Million Dollar Men. In the Limited Trade Game, Keith secured first place with his team Atlantic Crossing. Both Stuart and Keith led their respective leagues from April. All three champions will receive a custom engraved baseball bat as a trophy!

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Division winners

Here’s the winners of each of the divisions, their points tallies and (in red) the gap between them and the second-placed fantasy team in their division:

Angels: The Spirit of #26 (Keith Jeffery) – 13943 (+3)
Astros: Moonshot Astros (Mark Lovell) – 13198 (+119)
Athletics: Navneet-Gurdit-Navraj (Yuvraj Guraya) – 14385 (+211)
Blue Jays: Swing Both Ways (Colin Yew) – 14873 (+263)
Braves: Boab’s Braves (Brian Hastie) – 15277 (+1152)
Brewers: Stealing It All (Michael Hatch) – 13894 (+2210)
Cardinals: Flux Capacitors (Stuart Burnett) – 15056 (+844)
Cubs: Pork Chop Express (Matthew Rossiter) – 14360 (+149)
Diamondbacks: Moments of the Diamond (Keith Jeffery) – 14479 (+121)
Dodgers: Saguaros in Bloom (Keith Jeffery) – 14300 (+150)*
Giants: Pain in Yoenis (Daniel Perrin) – 14497 (+152)
Indians: Average Joes (George Anderson) – 14746 (+966)
Mariners: Gordon’s Djinn (Donnie Annan) -14621 (+1048)
Marlins: Stantonomore (Ludo Basse) – 15204 (+902)
Mets: Tube Monkey (David Blowes) – 14773 (+768)
Nationals: Capital Wasteland IX (Peter Gabler) – 14168 (+76)
Orioles: Torquay O (James Baillie) – 14034 (+1266)
Padres: Fyggyn’s Failures (Chris Stobart) – 14501 (+823)*
Phillies: The Rescue Party (Gareth Jones) – 14258 (+143)
Pirates: Schmuccos (Neil Harrison) – 14040 (+190)
Rangers: Netkandi Dodgers (Chris Minn) -13196 (+82)
Rays: Whowhatwhere (Kev Mesher) – 15058 (+1396)
Red Sox: Mookie the Cat (Richard Smalley) – 14648 (+30)
Reds: Redlegs (David Butcher) – 13329 (+611)
Rockies: Sonoran Desert Experience (Keith Jeffery) – 14421 (+662)
Royals: Jake and Halfpint Rock (Keith Jeffery) – 14500 (+879)
Tigers: Detroit Technos (David Crabtree) – 14129 (+1766)
Twins: Fantasy Squirrels (Anthony Chalkley) – 13130 (+536)
White Sox: Sure Thing Falling (Graeme Mesher) – 15119 (+877)
Yankees: TheRockiesHorrorPitcherShow (Saul Wright) – 14618 (+485)

* When the FBUK Update email went out on 7 October, the Dodgers and Padres division winners were incorrectly listed. The list above is correct.


Well done if you are one of this year’s winners – please claim your prize and provide your details so that we can send it to you, using the quick form at http://bsuk.co/fbukprizes. Thank you to BaseballSoftballUK for providing the prizes again this year.

Poll: Should we limit pitcher trades?

At the time of this post, we’re holding a poll as to whether pitcher trades should be limited in future seasons. To vote, log into your account and go to the Forum (under Manager Options) and find the poll in the General Fantasy League Stuff forum.

FBUK All-Star Team of the Season: 2018

Based on fantasy points accumulated, here’s the season’s top performers at each position:

All-Star Team of the Season

Fantasy Manager of the Month: September

Congratulations to Richard Smalley who won the final Manager of the Month competition of the season with his team Mookie the Cat totalling the most points between 1-30 September. The strong finish to the season also lifted him into the Top 10 in the overall Main Game standings. Honourable mentions should go to Saul Wright (TheRockiesHorrorPitcherShow) and Graeme Mesher (Sure Thing Falling) who were among the top five managers of the month in both August and September.

A reminder of the previous Managers of the Month in 2018: Daniel Perrin (April), George Anderson (May), Donnie Annan (June), Brian Hastie (July), Wayne Mason (August). Each will receive an Oyo MLB minifigure in reward.

Manager of the Month Top 5

Fantasy League Standings (Top): Final

Main Game top 10

$5m Game top 10

Limited Trade Game top 10

Thanks for playing, and see you next March for the start of the 2019 season!

The FBUK team